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Platform for Internet economy


Lukáš Kovanda,
economic expert, Platform for Internet Economy
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„In my mission for the Platform of Internet Economy I aim to serve as an advisor and interpreter. Not foreign languages interpreter. Rather, I understand interpreting as translating and popularizing data, ideas, and findings of a vast number of expert studies written about the topic of Internet economy. I see great importance in the Internet economy as a phenomenon that is continuously forming our presence and radically changing our world. That is why I am happy to provide the public with some insight into the topic, similarly to the way I enlightened citizens about the causes of the economic crisis or explained the opinions of the Nobel Prize laureates.“
Platform for Internet economy
Platform for Internet Economy (PIE) was established in 2013 by a group of companies active in fields of ICT, finance and innovations. Platform’s main goal is to achieve growth of Czech digital economy. We want to provide a platform for collaboration of innovative companies from various business sectors, academic sphere and NGOs. Through a dialogue with public administration, we strive to create an environment which will be friendly to digital economy’s development.

The PIE members share a vision of the Czech Republic being a modern western society in which digital technologies are the drivers of economic development. A society which places emphasis on education focused on the acquisition of practical skills, especially on the ability to work with information, technology and computer literacy and creativity. Any way forward is impossible without a healthy business environment, the ability to constantly innovate and being involved in the mainstream of global economy. Internet, being a tool for global exchange of information, knowledge and goods, can be the motor of Czech Economy, and as the generator of Czech exports, it gives a chance to succeed in the global marketplace to even the smallest businesses. E-commerce destroys the existing physical barriers and thus it has an enormous potential, which is something the state should realize. Internet payments, marketing, advanced methods of service, social networking, e-government - all of these are key prerequisites for success in an Internet economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PIE?

PIE is an abbreviation of Platform for Internet Economy. It is an informal group of companies, whose goal it is to contribute to the growth of Czech economy through development of the internet and online business.

2. Why was PIE founded?
As illustrated by a recent study of Boston Consulting Group internet with the Czech GDP accounts for more than 3.6% (more than eg. banking and agriculture). By 2015 it should be up to 5.7% of GDP.

Internet contributes to country´s competitiveness and job creation and the Czech Republic has an enormous potential in the development of internet economy. This potential should be properly taken into consideration by companies, citizens and also state administration.

3. What are the objectives of PIE and how to reach them?
PIE’s main goal is to encourage development of Czech economy through the Internet. To help besides well established companies also small and medium innovative enterprises to succeed not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
PIE will be focused on e-commerce and internet business development, particularly through cultivation of innovative and creative business environment. In order to establish this environment, PIE will cooperate with experts from an academic sphere, NGOs, civil service as well as with business representatives.

4. Who takes part in the Platform?
Companies AT&T, Aukro, Brand Embassy, Czech Innovation, Facebook, Google, H1, Prusa Research, MasterCard and UPS announced the intention to create Platform for Internet Economy (PIE).

The Platform is open to local and global companies from IT sector as well as Czech start-ups. with an objective to support the development of Czech economy throught the internet. Apart from its members the Platform also has many supporters and active fellows from public administration, academia or non-profit sector.

5. Can my company become a member of PIE?
Companies that use the potential of information technology and Czech startups may become members of PIE. They might benefit from know-how and experience of other members in their growth. Companies which are interested in the Internet economy and the development of the Czech business environment through new technologies can contact us via the contact form on the website

6. Do similar platforms exist abroad?
Yes, for example in Slovakia SAPIE – Slovak alliance for internet economy – has been working successfully almost for a year.

Jiří Ďurovič
+420 725 997 182